Routes and Trails


Here are some good routes around Princeton campus and town. Click on the name to see a map of the run. If you know a run that’s not there, feel free to map it out and send it to (Strava activity is preffered, but GPX format and Strava route both work).

Turn-by-turn navigation of these routes is supported natively by Strava’s app. To take advantage of this feature, get to this site on your mobile device and simply click the link of the route that you want to run. Provided that the route exists on Strava and you have the Strava app installed, the app should open, ready to begin navigation of your selected route.

Run Distance
Harrison Street-Towpath Loop 3.3 miles
4-Mile Towpath Loop 4.0 miles
West Windsor Fields Loop
Easy to add on mileage by doing more loops around the field.
Cross-Country Course Map
4.2 miles
Mountain Lakes/Scary Pines
The actual distance may be slightly longer than 4.2 miles (it’s difficult to trace the trails). Easy to use trail loops to make your run shorter or longer. Not supported on Strava.
Mountain Lakes Trail Map
4.2 miles
Our favorite route for doing tempo workouts or fartleks. Do the loop as many times as you need to complete the workouts.
4.5 miles
Institute Woods
Very nice trail system in the Institute Woods; they’re great for running on. Easy to make the run longer or shorter by creating your own loops with the trails. This one is not on Strava because it seems like the Institute Woods trails aren’t supported in Strava’s maps.
Institute Woods Trail Map
4.9 miles
Hun School
There’s a path at the dead end of Edgerstoune Rd. (bottom of hill) to get to Rosedale Rd. When you get to Rosedale, the driveway for Johnson Park Elementary School will be visible across the street. At the end of the school driveway, there’s a path that leads to Elm Rd. (access the path near the dumpster and “Do Not Enter” signs).
5.1 miles
Terhune 5.7 miles
Snowden 5.7 miles
Endless Townhouses

Not on Strava.

5.8 miles
Stuart 6.2 miles
New Path

Not on Strava.

6.3 miles
Poor Farm 6.5 miles
Endless Townhouses v2 6.6 miles
Modified Snowden 6.8 miles
Bean Fields

Not a Strava route, but here is a Strava segment that is 7.9 mi. long.

7.3 miles
Around the Lake 7.4 miles
Pretty Brook 7.8 miles
Cherry Valley 8.0 miles
Herrontown 8.1 miles
Ten Mile Loop 10.0 miles
A Bridge Too Far

Feel free to get on and off the towpath the normal way.

12.0 miles
Beden Brook

Somewhat more than a true half marathon. Difficult hills on Province Line Rd.

13.8 miles
Rosedale Park – Lawrenceville 16.1 miles
Mercer Park 21.0 miles

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