Meet the 2020-2021 PRC Officers

Ryan Eusebi '22

Hometown: Hazlet, NJ
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Run: Night
Favorite Runner: Galen Rupp
Favorite PRC couple: Caveman and trails
Favorite Training Strategy: Hoping I don't get injured
Favorite PRC era: Whatever era we're entering now?
Favorite Race: The Zartosht's Balcony Dash
When I'm not running, I am: wondering why is a banana a berry but a strawberry isn't??
Vice President
Hayden Burt ’22

Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ
Major: MAE
Favorite Run: Adventure Runs!
Least Favorite Run: E-Quad to 6th floor New South
Favorite Training Strategy: run a bunch
Favorite Milk: Oat
When I’m not running, I am: playing Bananagrams
Favorite Part of PRC: the runners 🙂
Viki Mancoridis ’23

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Track Race: 1200m in the DMR
Favorite Run of All Time: Long run on mountains in Greece!
When I'm not running, I am: Eating sunflower seeds
Favorite Era in PRC History: Right now!!
Race strategy: Start off fast, tell myself to "treat yo self", finish slow
Favorite quote: "A lot can happen between now and never" - Petyr Baelish
Race Coordinator
William Makinen '22

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Number of hours spent waiting for Gerry: 42
Favorite Run: Track workouts
Running Idol: Liam Collins
Favorite Training Strategy: Running fast
When I’m not running, I am: 3D Printing
Worst Race: XC
Favorite part of PRC: the folks
Race Coordinator
Evelyn Doskoch '23

Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Major: honestly no idea
Favorite Food: Wucox muffins
Favorite Run: sprinting to Dillon at 4:45 even though I know we won’t leave until 4:55
Training Strategy: forget to run, run, trip and fall mid-run, eat my weight in tacos at Forbes Friday
Catchphrase: “midnight run anyone?”
Most Regrettable PRC Decision: treadmilling
Secret Talent: my seemingly limitless supply of guest swipes
Number of Saturday Morning Runs Attended: 1
When I’m not running, I am: JRRBing
Assistant Coach & Men's Captain
Gerry Angelatos

Hometown: Kingston, Canada
Major: Electrical Engineering PhD
Running idol: Lewis Kent
If I could marry one person on running club it would be: Zartosht
Random fact: the Volga is the longest river in Europe
Favorite Training Strategy: training another PRC member to run really fast so I don’t have to
When I'm not running, I am: pondering the mysteries of the universe
Least Favorite Animal: horses
Women's Captain
Catherine Song '21

Hometown: Canton, MA
Major: History of Science
Fave food(s): raw mushrooms and/or slightly overcooked plain pasta
Race strategy: feel good, have existential crisis at mile 1.5-2, sort of pull it together for last mile
Fave runner of all time: Shalane Flanagan (of course)
Fave run of all time: Long run loops on Arthur's Seat (in Edinburgh, UK)
When not running, I am: slowly losing everything I own, daydreaming about other majors :,)
Alternate career choices: flight attendant, ski instructor at some mountain out west
Fave part of PRC: the #milesoftrials and #milesofsmiles!
Men's Captain
Ben Giugliano '21

Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Number of times being RCMOTWOTD: 0 🙁
Favorite Era in PRC History: the here and now
Favorite Cross Country Course in NIRCA: Michigan, but only when its below freezing
Favorite PRC moment: Gerry appearing out of nowhere every day
Favorite Training Strategy: Chase the geese
Running Idol: Nathan Kwan, also Adam Chang
When I’m not running, I am: thinking about running
Women's Captain
Barrett Gray '20

Hometown: Whitefish, MT
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies
Favorite PRC Couple: Barrett Gray and Cat Song
Favorite Training Strategy: Not shaving my legs
Favorite weird food combination: Avocados and almond butter
Running Idol: Rory Bosio
Worst Race: I consistently show up to most things 2 minutes late
When I’m not running, I am: Waiting for Lily to shower, helping Cat find the things she’s lost, or thinking about birds
Spirit Animal: Mountain Goat
Best advice about PRC: All PRC gossip travels through Cat and Liam
Social Chair
Hudson Godfrey '23

Seabiscuit Horseman

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Major: Politics
Favorite Race: The Kentucky Derby
Running Idol: Ben Johnson
Favorite Part of PRC: The people!
When I’m not running, I am: hands down the best didgeridooist this side of the Pacific
Favorite Food: Carrots
Least Favorite Animal: The stingray that murdered Steve Irwin
Alik Zalmover ’22

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
Major: ORFE
Pondering about anything while running
Favorite Run: Tempo Around Carnegie
Favorite Training Strategy: Running smart
Favorite Thing in PRC: Motivation we share
When I’m not running, I am: not running
Worst Race: NJ Groups Race in 2017
Favorite part of PRC: Motivation we share and pushing each other
Alan Ding '22

Hometown: Dublin, OH
Major: computer science
Favorite training strategy: meticulously analyzing my run data on Strava after workouts
Favorite training run: any that involves getting lost in Princeton's backroads
Favorite cross country course: that really fast one at North Brunswick Community Park
Favorite race: The 104.875-furlong race
When I'm not running, I am: drinking filtered water
Favorite part of PRC: Alik's pure, wholesome personality
Gear Chair
Fiona Logan-Sankey '23

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (subject to review)
Favorite Training Run: Swimming in the pond at Mountain Lakes
Favorite Training Strategy: having no plan whatsoever
When I'm not running: I am complaining about my workload for ISC or actually doing my work for ISC
Favorite part of PRC: having an amazing group of friends to run with!
Gear Chair
Jose Ortiz '23

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Major: Economics (or politics but it's complicated)
Favorite Place to run: Pretty brook
Favorite training strategy: sleeping
When I run I think about: sleeping
When I'm not running: sleeping (if you can't tell by now I really enjoy sleeping)
Favorite part of PRC: Running with the team