Meet the 2024 PRC Officers

Rebecca Cunningham '26

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont
Major: SPIA
Favorite run: Towpath right
Running strength: In general I love long runs
Running weakness: always the last 100 meters
Favorite song to run to: The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
Favorite food: Peanut butter
Spirit animal: Monkey
Eden Michael '26

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Major: Chemistry
Favorite run: Bean Fields after dark
Running strength: 190+ cadence
Running weakness: Can't withstand temps over 70° F
Favorite song to run to: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Favorite food: Mint chocolate and peas (not together)
Spirit animal: Otter
Sean Kerrigan '26

Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Major: Computer Science BSE
Favorite run: Towpath left
Running Strength: Resting
Running Weakness: Resting
Favorite song to run to:
Favorite food: Prince Street Pizza
Spirit animal: Red panda
Distance Captain
Wiley Kohler ’25

Hometown: Eugene "Dirty Eug" "Tracktown USA" Oregon
Major: Maths
Favorite run: Anything but Snowden
Running strength: Can't stop running
Running weakness: Can't start running
Favorite song to run to: The sound of the rain going pitter patter
Favorite Food: Reeces pieces
Spirit animal: Pine marten
Distance Captain
Anahi Marquez '26

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Molecular Biology
Favorite run: Beans
Running strength: I love longer distances
Running weakness: My skinny arms -- they're everywhere
Favorite song to run to: Anything Pitbull
Favorite food: Lo Mein noodles
Spirit animal: Tigers!
Sprint Captain
Eddie Siaw '25

Hometown: Leominster MA
Major: Electrical And Computer Engineering
Favorite run: 200m
Running Strength: Pure SPEEEEEED
Running Weakness: Shinny hurt
Favorite food: Chicken and broccoli
Sprint Captain
Ada Metaxas '26

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Chemistry
Favorite run: Doing sprints and long/triple jump at Jadwin!
Running strength: Competing at New Balance Nationals for jumps
Running weakness: shins
Favorite song to run to: Do It Again by NLE Choppa
Favorite Food: Anything chocolate
Spirit animal: Princeton Tiger, of course!
Sprint Captain
Justin Smallwood '26

Hometown: Frederick, MD
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Favorite run: Anything indoors (and less than 400m)
Running strength: My top speed
Running weakness: My acceleration
Favorite song to run to: Almost anything by Kendrick Lamar
Favorite food: Smoked turkey
Spirit animal: Panda
Race Coordinator
Vernon Hughes '27

Hometown: New York City
Major: Physics
Favorite run: Pretty brook
Running strength: Beating Theo in races
Running weakness: Getting dropped by Theo on long runs
Favorite food: Not Forbes breakfast for dinner
Spirit animal: GOAT
Race Coordinator
Daisy Whiting '27

Hometown: New York City
Major: Classics
Favorite run: Hun School loop
Running strength: Keeping steady breathing
Running weakness: Cold weather runs
Favorite song to run to: Reptilia by The Strokes
Favorite food: Cheddar bunnies
Spirit animal: Dragonfly
Social Chair
Lindsay McBride '27

Hometown: Haverford, PA
Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Favorite run: Towpath left
Running strength: Downhills
Running weakness: Uphills
Favorite song to run to: Pursuit of Happiness (extended Steve Aoki remix)
Favorite food: Everything bagel breakfast sandwich
Spirit animal: Sea otter
Social Chair
Jane Buckhurst '27

Hometown: New York City
Major: Art and Archaeology
Favorite run: Hun School loop
Running Strength: Pre-run snacks
Running weakness: Listening to audiobooks instead of music
Favorite song to run to: And She Was by Talking Heads
Favorite Food: Nutella
Spirit animal: Donkey
Gear Chair
Warren Shepherd '27

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Major: Economics
Favorite run: Beverage mile
Running strength: 5K
Running weakness: 400m hurdles
Favorite song to run to: Mr. Blue Sky
Favorite food: My Mother's Home Cooked Lasagna
Spirit animal: Weasel

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