Meet the 2022-2023 PRC Officers

Theo Knoll '24

Hometown: Boise, ID
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Run: Towpath
Favorite Running Attire: Shirtless
Running Weakness: Needing the restroom
Biggest Roast Received in the Form of a Christmas Gift: A World Champion's Guide to Running the Beer Mile
Unofficial Position: Recruitment chair
Goal: Convince all my friends to join running club
Vice President
Fiona Logan-Sankey '24

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Molecular Biology (I think?)
Favorite run: Swimming in the pond at Mountain Lakes
Favorite training strategy: Running with people who push me to get better.
Favorite food: Raspberries or mac and cheese
Favorite running movie: Mcfarland, USA
When I'm not running, I am: Taking a nap
Favorite part of PRC: Making friends!
Libby Blazes '24

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: EEB
Favorite run: anything that's not the towpath
Favorite foods: cookie dough and peanut butter
When I'm not running, I am: probably doing orgo
Favorite animal: goats!
Favorite time to run: 4:45 of course
Hudson Godfrey ’23

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Favorite Run: any XC race (distance supremacy!)
Favorite Runner: myself
When I’m not running, I’m: freestyling
Favorite race strategy: sandbagging & full contact
Favorite Greek Letter: alpha
Favorite part of PRC: looking back to the 2019 glory days
Captain (Also Race Coordinator)
Caroline Coen '25

Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA
Major: English or Comparative Literature
Favorite PRC run: any run featuring good conversation and camaraderie
Favorite place to run outside Princeton: along natural coastlines!
Favorite workout music: One Direction
Favorite food: peanut butter and banana, a runner's dream come true
When I'm not running, I am: not living life to the fullest
Sprint Captain
Eddie Siaw '25

Hometown: Leominster MA
Major: MAE
Favorite Run: The Armory
Favorite Food: Broccoli
Running Weakness: Shin splints
When I’m not running I’m Icing my shins
Favorite Part of PRC: running away from PSETs
Race Coordinator
Wiley Kohler '25

Hometown: Eugene “Dirty Eug” “Tracktown USA” Oregon
Major: Free Spirit
Favorite run: Pretty Brook
Favorite training strategy: inconsistent mileage
Best thing about PRC: my height advantage (relative to Theo)
Least favorite plain: the Snake River one
My biggest struggle: Being a goofy and fun-loving guy
Race Coordinator Emeritus
William Makinen '22

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Number of hours spent waiting for Gerry: 42
Favorite Run: Track workouts
Running Idol: Liam Collins
Favorite Training Strategy: Running fast
When I’m not running, I am: 3D Printing
Worst Race: XC
Favorite part of PRC: the folks
Social Chair
Will Koloc '25

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: English and Pre-Health
Favorite Run: Bean Loop
Least Favorite Run: Bean Loop
Training strategy: lose the 8 min pace group stereotype
Hours spent running per week: 6
Hours spent studying per week: 10
Favorite Race: Nationals
Social Chair
Maddie Machado '25

Hometown: Kittery Point, Maine
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Favorite run: Washington Road downhill
Least favorite run: Washington Road uphill
Training strategy: Copy whatever Caroline does
Hours spent running per week: 6
Hours spent studying per week: 2
Favorite race: Nationals!
David Dorini '25

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Favorite Training Strategy: Running faster than the guy next to me.
When I'm not running, I am: watching birds
Running Strengths: Getting a PR every race
Running Weaknesses: Start, middle, and finish of the race
Favorite Part of PRC: Running with the homies