Meet the 2023 PRC Officers

Wiley Kohler '25

Hometown: Eugene “Dirty Eug” “Tracktown USA” Oregon
Major: Maffmatics
Favorite Run: Mountain Lakes when it's muddy as hell
When I'm not running, I'm: probably burning milk at Coffee Club
Running Strength: well-slept
Running Weakness: compulsively eating wild chives before nationals
My biggest struggle: running at 7am and not bonding with the homies
Vice President
Caroline Coen '25

Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA
Major: Computer Science AB
Favorite PRC run: any run featuring good conversation and camaraderie
Favorite place to run outside Princeton: along natural coastlines!
Favorite workout music: One Direction
Favorite food: peanut butter and banana, a runner's dream come true
When I'm not running, I am: not living life to the fullest
David Dorini '25

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Favorite Run: Bean fields
Running Strength: Full contact racing
Running Weakness: Breaking mirrors
Least Favorite Run: Reverse bean fields
Favorite Race: Kentucky Derby
Favorite Part of PRC: Saturday long runs
Kalen Sixkiller ’24

Hometown: Norman, OK
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Favorite Run: Pretty Brook Greenway Meadows gerriation
When I’m not running, I’m: Climbing, hiking, reading, or working on a project
Favorite Race: Armory Indoor
Favorite Food: Pad See Ew
Running Strengths: 10 sec hill repeats, workout pacing after the first 200m, midnight long runs
Running Weaknesses: Foot placement awareness, any distance less than a 400
Eden Michael '26

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA
Major: math... maybe
Favorite Run: scrambling up a mountain or 400 repeats (nothing in between)
When I'm not running, I'm: playing crossy road
Favorite Race: Steens Uphill 5k
Favorite Food: rice crispy treats
Running Strength: my talent for running on a full stomach
Running Weaknesses: logs, temperatures over 60° F, and my biological need for sleep
Favorite Song to Listen to While Running: "Down Under" by Men at Work
Biggest Running Inspiration: Dashiell Robert Parr
Sprint Captain
Eddie Siaw '25

Hometown: Leominster MA
Major: Electrical And Computer Engineering
Favorite Run: 200m
When I'm not running, I'm: Watching Movies
Favorite Race: 200m
Favorite Food: Chicken And broccoli
Running Strength: Pure SPEEEEEED
Running Weakness: Shinny hurt
Sprint Captain
Ada Metaxas '26

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Favorite Run: Doing sprints and long/triple jump at Jadwin!
When I'm not running, I'm: spending time in the outdoors
Favorite Food: anything chocolate
Running Weakness: past injuries haunting me
Race Coordinator
Olivia Kwon '26

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Math
Favorite Run: Corn field loop
When I'm not running, I'm: having fun at Fine Hall
Favorite Race: XC Nationals!
Favorite Food: PB and banana sandwich
Running Strength: I run fast, I just do
Running Weakness: Staying hydrated (I have a tiny water bottle)
Race Coordinator
Yubi Mamiya '26

Hometown: Shoreline, WA
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Run: Threshold workout
When I'm not running, I'm: Sleeping
Favorite Race: 1600 meters
Favorite Food: Greek yogurt
Running Strength: Will train rain or shine
Running Weakness: Not a fan of speed workouts
Race Coordinator Emeritus
William Makinen '22

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Number of hours spent waiting for Gerry: 42
Favorite Run: Track workouts
Running Idol: Liam Collins
Favorite Training Strategy: Running fast
When I’m not running, I am: 3D Printing
Worst Race: XC
Favorite part of PRC: the folks
Social Chair
Lily Gose '25

Hometown: Lander, WY
Major: Economics
Favorite Run: prospect street to campus at sunset
Favorite Food: popcorn
Running Strength: not actually getting hit by cars
Running Weakness: almost getting hit by cars
Social Chair
Maddie Machado '25

Hometown: Kittery Point, ME
Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Favorite run: Poor Farms
Favorite Race: Princeton half marathon
Running Strength: Finishing runs at the .00 mark
Running Weakness: Literally never stretching
Sean Kerrigan '26

Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Major: Computer Science BSE
Favorite Run: Anything towpath left
Least Favorite Run: Up Prospect
When I'm not running, I am: playing chess while procrastinating work
Running Strength: Resting
Running Weakness: Resting
Gear Chair
Maria Karakousis '26

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Molecular Biology
Favorite Run: Anything but the tow path. Bean fields is a great one.
When I'm not running, I am: in class, a library, or out volunteering.
Favorite Race: It has to be the Philly Half-Marathon.
Favorite Food: Unpopular opinions, but almost everything served at Forbes or WuCox is delectable.
Running Strengths: I seriously don’t think I have any, but I can say I really do love running.
Running Weakness: Telling myself I’m going on an easy run then proceeding to run with Will Aepli, who has us running 7-8 miles at a 7:15 minute mile.

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