For the 2023-2024 academic year, we offer several forms of membership options:

Social – $25 per semester

For the people who just want to run, make friends, and get fit, this option is for you. Join us at practice or at any of our various social events, including pre-games, movie nights, apple picking at Terhune Orchards, dinners, and the end-of-season banquet.

First-Time Competitive – $100 per academic year

Freshmen and new members enjoy all of the benefits of the competitive+social membership option at a reduced price!

Competitive – $180 per academic year

Race, run, eat, and bond with us as we travel to places like Penn State for weekend races, our fine West Windsor cross country course for home meets, and Virginia for NIRCA Nationals. Also, receive coaching and training to improve your running ability! This includes social dues.

Pay-by-meet – $25 per local meet

Don’t know how much you want to race? This option is for you. You can attend any local (one-day) meet for $25. If you decide that you want to upgrade to one of our other membership options, then the fees you already paid will go towards the membership. If you would like to go to an overnight meet on a pay-by-meet basis, reach out to one of our treasurers (contact information below).

Note: If you decide not to race after registration closes, you will be responsible for the entry fee (typically $20).  If you are on the pay-by-meet option, you will still be responsible for the $25 and this amount will not go towards a first-timer or full competitive membership.

We accept cash and check (payable to “Princeton University” with “Princeton Running Club” in the memo line). Please contact our treasurer, Sean Kerrigan (, if you have any questions, or if your desired membership poses a financial hardship.